Our kennel

We have dedicated to our Bulldogs a proper structure for their exclusive use

Our kennel is located ┬áin Porto Garibaldi. We have dedicated to our Bulldogs a proper structure for their exclusive use which is structured in an enclosed part, where our dogs are hospitalized during the night, and a small park where, during the day, they live together with our family. The closed area consists in a room for each dog that is air-conditioned during the summer and heated in winter. There is also an open part where the dog, independently, may decide to stay in the open air. The rooms are cleaned daily and disinfected weekly with the best antiviral products on the market. Adjacent to areas of night shelter we have dedicated a nursery area where the puppies and the mares are watched over 24 hours a day. Our Bulldogs have ensured a complete health plan. They all are vaccinated and wormed once a year; from May to September they are treated for heartworm prevention and in early spring / fall is done a vaccination to prevent the Bordetella and parainfluenza using a last generation intra-nasal vaccine. We do not consider our Bulldog as products to sell but as full members of our family. The older subjects have the same dignity than the younger and you can see them in breeding because they are the living witnesses of the average quality of life of our subjects. You’re welcome to visit us by appointment as we are not a shop with opening hours but just fans who dedicate their time and efforts to breed’s selection. We are present with our dogs at the major italian and foreign dog shows as we believe that a good breed’s selection can start only from a fair comparison with other enthusiasts from all around the world. In fact, the livestock results are not missed as our bulldog are among those most rewarded of the Italian breeding. Our selection is based on quality and not quantity, in fact we do not have more than 3/4 litters a year and our few subjects are given up only to true bulldog’s fans.