Here you are some of the most common questions about the English Bulldog:

Can a bulldog live well in an apartment?
Of course! What makes a bulldog happy is to stay with his master. No matter the size of your house since your dog loves to stay at your feet. However you must know  that your Bulldog needs to walk, at least, once or twice a day. As your Bulldog barks rarely do not represent a problem for the neighbors.

Can be alone in the house?
Your Bulldog will take advantage of your absence to take a nap (activities that he loves). In other words, if you are out from home for work do not be afraid to let your Bulldog alone in the house; The thing that you can do is  to turn on the and he won’t feel too lonely.

How much exercise does he needs?
A Bulldog doubtless prefers the sofa than jogging, but it’s necessary for his health to move daily. You have to get your dog used, since he’s a puppy, to walk daily, increasing the length and always in relation to the age and  health’s state of the animal.

How long can he lives?
Like all mastiffs, the Bulldog has an average life expectancy of 8-10 years. Males typically live less than females. However there are exceptions and it’s not uncommon to hear about bulldogs of 12-13 years old.

How does he behave with the children?
Wonderfully well! The Bulldog is not very sensitive to pain and stands very well even the more lively children. This, however, is not a good reason to let the kids do everything they what. It ‘s a good idea then educate them to respect living creatures and take their responsibilities.

Can he live with other animals?
There are no problems whit cats if they got in contact in a gradually. The bulldog is indifferent to chickens, geese and rodents, even if, perhaps, if they play he could makes abrupt moves.

Is he a good watchdog?

He loves people in general, so he will gladly accept those introduced friendly by the owner. Anyway he doesn’t has a strong  guard’s instinct  even if over time there are stories of dogs that have put the “bad guys” on the run.

It ‘s true that it’s a dog that suffers the hot temperatures?
Yes Its crushed face does not facilitate breathing, so precautions should be taken especially in summer’s travels. Traveling with a bulldog in these conditions is a bit like traveling with a “baby on board”.

It ‘s true that he drools?
No. No more than other breeds, with the exception of some small burr after drinking.

It ‘s true that he snores?
Yes it is,in fact often you have to increase the television’s volume if  to your feet there is a sleeping Bulldog.